Some important facts about coolsculpting

Some important facts about coolsculpting

Attaining that perfect body shape is too hard. It even seems impossible sometimes. Many of you must have tried to remove the small amount of fat from your tummy for years without any actual results. Even dieting and regular exercising does not work because no one has that much free time to invest on their health unless you are a fitness model. Thus, the only option people were left with was liposuction. It is a surgical procedure in which fat is removed from the body. It is expensive and can have a lot of dangerous side effects. However, the scientists have recently been able to figure out a much better alternative. They are calling it coolsculpting or cryolipolyse. It is a non surgical procedure in which a cooling process is used to remove the excess fat. It is better than liposuction in every way. You might be very excited to try it in order to get the perfect body shape. Before you do that, here are some important facts that you should know about.

It can be a permanent solution. This procedure is ideal for those who are willing and determined to keep themselves healthy the hard way and just want a push start. It can make you fit instantly, but maintaining that body shape is entirely up to you. If you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you can keep that shape forever. On the other hand, if you continue bad eating habits and do no exercise, you will soon get back where you started. And thus, there is no point of coolsculpting. It would just be a waste of money for you.

It is a little unpleasant. The procedure is completely painless, and that’s the main advantage it has over liposuction. However, it is not very comfortable too. You will feel some discomfort at the beginning of the cooling process. The discomfort will reduce significantly within ten minutes or so. But after that, it will continue for the next few days. You might even feel some soreness.

It does not provide instant results. The cooling process is not like a cosmetic surgery in which you come out of the operation theatre with a completely changed look. You will see little to no difference in your body after the coolsculpting procedure. It will take a couple of days for the fat to disappear slowly. If you did not get the desired body shape after the first procedure, you can have a second one after a month.

It will not remove the extra skin. When you have fat stored on your tummy or any other part of the body, the skin there also get stretched and elongated. This procedure only removes the excess fat. It will not have any effect on the excess skin. You will need another procedure to take care of that. A surgical lift should do the job. So, if you are planning to have a coolsculpting procedure done, you should also schedule a lift, with the same doctor or someone else.

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