Laser to get rid of the flab

Laser to get rid of the flab

The people all around the world have become conscious of the troubles created by increasing weight. The body is designed to sustain a particular amount of weight on its skeleton. Anything beyond that limit causes the system to fail, sometimes abruptly while the other times slowly. Now not only the health professionals but also the common man knows the drawbacks of being fat. The main sign of being overweight is your basal metabolic rate which is calculated according to your weight and height. A high basal metabolic rate which is high is indicative of the fact that you are overweight and need to do something about it. Various effects of excess fat in your body can be divided into three categories:

  1. Overall health:

The overall health of an overweight person is of concern as far as deposition of excess fat is concerned. Fat makes the body work more as the surface area for the blood supply is increased considerably making the body spend most of its energy in nourishing the body making the person feel lethargic all the time. Also, there are increased risks of heart problems, stroke, joint problems and many other problems.

  1. Aesthetics:

The body due to excess and haphazard nature of fat deposition loses its proper shape making it look not that attractive. The shape of the body is lost due to deposition of fat in not so proper places and this is undesirable if you want to look as attractive as you were all the time.

  1. Skin:

The skin of a fat person suffers the most. There is naturally a provision for deposition of fat under the skin which acts as a cushion at the time of trauma and as an insulator to protect the body from weather insults. But in case of an overweight person, this fat becomes excess and makes the skin sag due to its stretching nature and gets lesser blood supply due to increased surface area. The wrinkles come fast and the area around the eye also sags down making you look older than you actually are.

Thus, we see that excessive and unruly fat is extremely annoying and therefore there have been various methods designed to combat this enemy of the human race. The methods are many and the first ones were mostly surgical. This means that they needed to put some cuts and incisions in your skin to go to the layer of fat underneath your skin and then remove fat deposits. These surgical procedures need the patients to be anaesthetized and have risks of bleeding and other complications associated with them. The patients were generally apprehensive about such surgical interventions. Therefore, non-surgical methods like laser tummy tuck are developed. This is a tummy tuck alternative to surgery. This non surgical tummy tuck is less painful and does not bear the risk as compared to other surgical methods. Tummy tuck without surgery is an outpatient procedure. This procedure is though less painful, is also done in many sittings depending on the area involved and the pain lasts only for a shorter duration of time as compared to surgical methods.

Laser to get rid of the flab by amandine

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