Everything you need to know about liposuction and lipolaser

Everything you need to know about liposuction and lipolaser

Liposuction is a word you frequently hear when it comes to getting a perfect figure without months of hard work. Someone from your friends might have even used it to lose body fat in no time. If so, you would also be willing to do it and get slim. But you should try to control your excitement and understand what you are getting yourselves into. Liposuction is not bad. But before you do it, you should know a couple of things about it. These things are mentioned below in detail.

What is liposuction? It is a method of removing fat from your body. Just as the name suggests, the fat mass (lipo) is sucked out of your body using an invasive or non invasive method. It is primarily of three types – surgical, ultrasound and lipo laser treatment.

How does it work? Different types of procedures use different techniques. All three are described below.

  • surgical liposuction is like any other surgery. It starts by giving anesthesia to the patient. When he is unconscious, the surgeon cuts the skin of the part of the body where fat is stored. The fat mass is extracted manually and then the skin is stitched back.
  • Ultrasound method does not require any surgery. A beam of high intensity ultrasound waves is directed to a particular part of the body with stored fat. Due to the heat of the waves, the fat starts to melt. Once it has completely melted, the beam is removed. The liquefied fat is removed from the body by the metabolic system.
  • Lipo laser is similar to the ultrasound method. It uses a high intensity laser instead of ultrasound.

What are its effects? The primary purpose of liposuction is to get slim and that’s exactly what it does. Sometimes, it does not even reduce the weight. It only reduces the inches off of your belly and other parts of the body. Many people think that this procedure will make them healthy, but that is not the case. The reduction of fat through liposuction does not have any direct effect on the functioning of your body. So your organs will still be working as they were before.

Which type is the best? At first look, the non-invasive laser lipo or ultrasound seems to be better options. They do not require any surgery and leave no scar. However, they pose bitter risks. The heat generated in order to melt the fat also affects other parts of your body. It can cause skin burns and can make the blood clot inside the vessels, which is lot more dangerous than a scar or some swelling.

Are there any alternatives? The scientists have recently discovered how fat responds to cold. Using that, they have created a fat reduction method called cool sculpting, it uses a cooling method for make the fat disappear. It is also a non invasive method and is much better than all types of liposuction.

Everything you need to know about liposuction and lipolaser by amandine

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