Cool sculpting general reviews

Cool sculpting general reviews

Cool sculpting is a very innovative procedure and has been developed for the reduction of fat from the problem areas of the body. This technique is unique in its approach as it removes the fat cells as a whole without any incision or surgery. Cool sculpting gives you a sculpted look in just 60 seconds of a sitting. This amazing concept is the result of research and development of Massachusetts general hospital where this technology of “cold-burning” took shape of reality. This procedure is better than other non-invasive procedures as it involves permanent removal of fat cells from underneath the skin making it almost impossible for that area to develop that volume again because the fat storing cells have been decreased in quantity. This technique has been used by numerous people. One can say that this technique is successful in reducing the fat from the trouble areas of the body considerably as compared to other non-surgical techniques that claim reduction of fat.

Body is not a machine and it is prone to change partly because of the age and changing hormone levels and partly because of the various environmental and lifestyle factors. The most significant and noticeable change comes when the body starts making fat and stores in different locations of the body. These fat deposits make it hard for you to come back in shape even after hard core exercises and dieting. This is due to the fact that this fat is not just stored as a layer under your skin but there is formation of fat cells which store fat and do not let it go in the harshest of conditions even though this fat has been stored for the crisis time. Basically, when there is extreme need for energy and it is not available from any source, then this fat gets burnt by the mechanism of ketone metabolism. But, this condition may only appear either in extreme and chronic starvation or in untreated or uncontrolled diabetes. In normal conditions, it is rare even for diabetics. Therefore, this fat remains as it is whatever you do. Maybe the cells shrink a little but never go away. This is the reason for that love handle to remain there whatever you do. There have been various techniques to fight the flab such as:

  • Liposuction is a surgical procedure where under the effects of general anesthesia, an incision is made in the skin and the fat cells are scraped and removed. There are sutures placed and the patient needs hospitalization and bed rest. It takes about 2 weeks to heal. This is an invasive procedure and there are many complications that may happen during or after the procedure. Some of the complications that may happen are bleeding either during the procedure or after a few hours of the procedure. Also there is intense pain when the effect of anesthesia wears off. All this scares many people off.
  • Laser for fat reduction: This is a non-invasive procedure. That means, you will not have to undergo any incision or cut for removal of that unwanted layer of fat. It is done from above the skin. It is a painless procedure, but the results may be unreliable.
  • Therefore, cool sculpting is the best option available for getting rid of that ugly fatty flab and make all those spandex dresses look great on you. The areas that can be cool sculpted for you are arms, thighs, buttocks, love handles and lower abdomen. For any information on the areas that can be fat frozen can be best obtained from your doctor.

Various reviews given by people who got cool sculpting can be summed up as follows:

  • Cool sculpting is an extremely dependable procedure which is here to stay and give relief to many people who doesn’t like the way their body look like.
  • The procedure of cool sculpting is painless and any discomfort is either very little or not at all.
  • After the procedure, the area which was freezed looks like hard frozen lard but eventually after few minutes of the treatment it starts feeling normal again.
  • The freezing does not cause any harm to the other cells of the body or that area. It is just the fat cells that are affected.
  • Cool sculpting may cause a little bruising and pain after four to five days of the procedure. There may even be some itching. But these symptoms are of different intensity in different people. In some people, it does not cause any discomfort at all.
  • The result is almost like natural and this effect is most evident in the sixth month after the procedure. The skin becomes smooth with no evident cellulite bumps.
  • The results are long lasting and you can make them better by exercising before and after the procedure during those six months.
  • If healthy diet is maintained, this procedure is bound to yield good results.
  • May require more than one sitting for more redundant fat layers.
  • Choose the clinics wisely by reading as many cool sculpting reviews as is humanely possible.
  • Cost is another major factor. Never chose a doctor because he is charging less. An inexperienced doctor may cause your cool sculpting to look weird and that may require more money and time to get corrected.
  • Basically, this is a very safe and dependable procedure which you can get done even for the emergency situations like a wedding that is scheduled to take place after six months or the next year or for a festival or just like that because you want to love your body again and feel that you are beautiful.

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