Advantages and risks of ultrasonic fat reduction

Advantages and risks of ultrasonic fat reduction

If you too are sick of the extra fat stored on your belly just like millions of others around the world, you must have heard about a popular fat removal technique called liposuction. It is a procedure in which fat is surgically removed from the body. You are given an anesthetic to knock you out. Then the doctor will extract the mass and stick you back up. Obviously, it is dangerous and has side effects. But still people go for it, mainly because they do not know about the alternatives. There are a few different types of non-invasive processes that remove the fat without any surgery. The most popular process among these is an ultrasound fat removal. It is pretty obvious that it uses ultrasound waves for the procedure. The process is much better than the surgical method in many ways. It has numerous advantages, but there are some risks too. You should know about both these things before you decide to go for it.

The advantages: The biggest advantage of this process is that there is no damage to your skin. It is not cut, burned or harmed in any way. The ultrasound allows the doctor to remove the fat without having to even touch your skin with a surgical instrument. Actually, what it does is that a high intensity beam is concentrated on the part of the body where the unwanted fat is. The goes through the skin without harming it, and liquefies the fat mass. This liquid mass is then excreted by the body automatically. So get slim without any exercise or scar. Ultrasound fat reduction has many other advantages. They are listed below.

  • Dieting takes months to show results and surgery takes days. But this non-invasive method only takes an hour or so. You will be inside the surgery room only for an hour. Even if you have too much fat, it will take only an hour, but multiple times. The procedure will have to be performed in parts with a gap of one month. You will get slimmer with every session.
  • As the procedure involves only sitting at one place in front of a machine, it can be performed anywhere. Thus, most clinics prefer a very comfortable room rather than an operation theatre. It will be very convenient. You could be watching television while it is done. The ease and simplicity also makes it very cheap.

Risks involved: Now that we know about the advantages, let’s talk about the risks involved in ultrasonic fat reduction.

  • The ultrasound waves used to heat and melt the fat can also affect your skin. It can cause burns on your skin if not performed with extreme care. It can even heat up the blood vessels and cause the blood to clot inside the vessels, which can be very dangerous.
  • If the beam of ultrasound hits nerve injuries, it can cause numbness for a very long period. This can be very inconvenient and even risky in some situations.

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