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Freeze Fat (FreezeFat.org) is no more than the most comprehensive resource about losing fat without surgery using fat freezing techniques.

If you’ve never heard about such procedures here is a starting guide !

Who is a prospect?

CoolSculpting Procedure the individual that is ideal this procedure is within 20-30 pounds of these perfect body weight, and tend to be keeping or within the process of losing weight. This is because CoolSculpting does not suck the fat out or cause fat loss. It just destroys cells that are fat your system needs to metabolize the fat or it’s going to simply get saved somewhere else. This is explained more thoroughly below.
The area to be addressed is a bulge that is“fat or something you could grasp with hand and squeeze. This will be since the machine uses suction to pull on the fat and place it between two cooling plates. Examples is the lower abdomen bulge or the “love handles”. It may be too thick to fit in the machine, and would be best to lose weight first if you pinch more than a couple of inches.

Exactly how does it work?

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq uses energy that is cold forever destroy fat cells. The CoolSculpting machine works by pulling your bulge that is fat into device which has two cooling plates. The fat is held by a strong vacuum. The cooling plates are activated towards the temperature that is specific fat cells are vulnerable and perish, and your skin, nerves, blood vessels, etc are fine. This process takes an full hour per area. Multiple areas could be done at one time in some cases.

Where does the fat go?

After the procedure, you will be the same size, as it takes a couple of weeks to shrink. Your fat is truly held inside of cells, that are more or less little tiny packages that enlarge and shrink as you get and lose weight. During the coolsculpt procedure, about 20% of those fat cells are killed, in addition they release the fat which is gradually absorbed over several days. The fat that is released from the cells that are fat no different than any fat that you eat. Fat is storage form of energy. This fat can be burned up as calories to keep you warm, propel you while walking, make your lungs work to breathe, etc. That is just what will take place if you are at a stable fat or losing weight. Then the fat will just mix in with the fat you are eating and get deposited somewhere else if you are gaining weight.
It is critical to know that it is not a dieting procedure. CoolSculpting refers to “sculpting” or shrinking areas that are down stubborn. In the event that you are not able to have the fat off, this is not going to help. Your weight will perhaps not change as an outcome of the procedure that is coolsculpt you have to eat right and exercise to accomplish that.

Just how safe is it/do you know the risks?

The procedure has been performed hundreds of thousands of times, with an extremely high degree of safety compared to other fat burning practices.
Common Side Effects: Temporary numbness, mild soreness, and moderate bruising. Most individuals say they feel essentially absolutely nothing following the procedure, however these symptoms happen, are mild and don’t require medication or time off work or activities.
Rare side impacts: CoolSculpting is meant to be virtually painless, but occasionally, some social individuals encounter discomfort that may require pain pills. It seems it really is about one out of 100 people that experience this, so not that often, but still can happen. If we compare this to liposuction, about 100 out of 100 people would experience discomfort, so this side that is rare is accepted. The numbness can last longer than a week or so in some patients, and there is an instance of frostbite reported as of the full time of the writing, while the frost bite did resolve without a problem. Bruising is normally absent or minor, nevertheless the device does you suction, and a” that is“hicky effect can happen with more noticeable bruising, but this is simply not common.

Why choose CoolSculpting over liposuction?

This is a personal choice, maybe not actually a true medical decision. There are millions of people who have actually fat bulges that they’d like to get rid of, but only a percentage that is smallmaybe 5-10percent) of those people would consider surgery. This really is the first ever FDA authorized unit that works for one other 90% of people.
If you are considering liposuction, and comprehend the risks, downtime and benefits (liposuction is effective and safe in the proper hands, but is really an entirely different commitment) that is your option that is best.
However if you do not desire to undergo with lipo, don’t want the downtime, the compression garments, potential time off work, swelling and at least temporary disfigurement, than the coolsculpt procedure is right for you.

Is it actually permanent?

Yes, you typically do not grow new cells that are fat an adult, and the fat cells are destroyed. Let’s say you shrink 20% by destroying 20% associated with cells that are fat. It’s still feasible to gain fat and again grow that area. But then by getting straight back to your weight that is previous would still have the advantage. Again, this really is not a miracle, the procedure that is coolsculpt bulges of fat, and isn’t an answer to weight gain.

Would it be duplicated?

Yes. We are typically seeing 20-25% of shrinkage after a single treatment. The email address details are finished after about 2-3 months, so that is whenever repeat therapy is generally considered for additional benefit.

Is there any downtime?

No. That is a procedure that is no downtime the vast majority of men and women. In the side effects discussion, we talked about the reality that infrequently there is pain pain that is requiring, or bruising, but that is uncommon. Typically, no one is able to let you know had a procedure done but just notice reduction that is gradual of in the area treated.

Who can perform the procedure?

The coolsculpt procedure is a medical unit, and should only be done in a doctor’s workplace.
Why choose CoolSculpting over (Non surgical) lasers and other devices?
CoolSculpting is unique in that it permanently cells that are destroys fat. One other devices do work, but don’t do the thing that is same. Laser and radiofrequency cause the fat cells to be leaky, or tighten up the tissue that is connective the fat cells in position. There is certainly no permanent reduction of fat or fat cells with other products.
There is an operation where injections of medication are utilized to destroy fat cells. This will be named “mesotherapy” or “lipodissolve”. These do work, but not as effectively than just one procedure that is coolsculpt. When there will be areas of fat that are not appropriate for the device (the device has a shape that doesn’t work on all areas), then your injections are appropriate.

What will occur to my skin?

The skin has the ability to expand and contract. But this is not endless. Mild skin laxity or droopiness will contract just fine typically. The droopiness is from being extended by the fat, previous pregnancy, or previous fat issues. The skin and connective tissues maintain much for the elasticity and certainly will contract. However, more skin that is severe (such as bad stretch marks, tissue paper consistency, epidermis that is deflated and hangs like an apron) may not contract much or at all. Your health care professional has the knowledge to likely predict what will happen along with your skin. The skin just shrinks right along with the fat in most cases.